About Us

Namma Tamil makkal often misunderstand the word,
“Vaazhkai oru vattam”.

Our founders, however, found the right meaning to it and incorporated it to our
“Circle of Happiness”.

We envision life to be like Tosai: a little crispy on the outside, soft in its core, a few bumps here and there with lots of spicing! We also think monotony is boring; be it in life or in our tosais, so we brought in 99 different varieties of tosais to tease and treat your taste buds. The circle of happiness that started out as a humble dosai outlet in Velacherry has expanded to 9 different outlets in just 2 years! The circle of happiness has now widened to accommodate breakfasts and fresh juices.

All Hail the Tosai Tycoons!

The history of Tosai roots from a sweet story of friendship and passion between two men Sheik Dawood and Dhamodhar. Like every story of friendship, these men became acquainted with each other during their stint in Retail Industry. What started off as a casual exchange-the-pleasantries conversation, slowly inched towards sharing hopes, passions and dreams. Being strong food aficionados, the two friends travelled across many states in India and landed in the home of Bollywood. Here, they found the idea of variety dosas extremely captivating. The circle of happiness engulfed them and they embarked on a journey to spread the Dosa across the world.

Tosai Club

Welcome to the Club of Happiness

The circle of happiness cares about its customers as much as its cuisines. A healthy customer is a happy customer! Inspired by this thought, the Tosai Club was formed on June 9th 2018. This ship themed multi-cuisine restaurant doles out a place for fun, sports and music with its lip smacking dosa varieties. If you are rolling your eyes skywards asking what’s so different about this idea anyway, we have news for you! Tosai club in association with Fit rock arena, a rock climbing unit, has launched its first outdoor restaurant made fully from containers. The fun part doesn’t end here; you get to watch drool-worthy food being made right in-front of your eyes in their open kitchen. If your hunger pangs are already kicking in by now don’t waste precious time to fire up Google maps looking for the place; we will take the lead and invite you over to our haven in Thoraipakkam